About Me


Welcome to the intersection of technology and user-centric design. I am a Product Designer with a robust background in computer engineering and human-computer interaction, dedicated to creating intuitive and impactful digital experiences. With more than five years of professional experience, I excel in crafting user-centered digital products for various industries, from startups to multinational companies in sectors including cloud computing, data guidance, healthcare, telecom and enterprise SaaS solutions.

My expertise encompasses leading design projects from initial research to final implementation, consistently delivering products that enhance user satisfaction and achieve strategic business objectives. My career journey from development to UX design was fueled by a passion for understanding user needs and translating them into effective design solutions. I thrive in dynamic, collaborative environments, pushing the boundaries of UX design and research to create innovative solutions that resonate with users globally.

Outside of professional pursuits, I enjoy engaging in activities like reading📚, cooking🍳, photography📸, or yoga🧘🏽 to stay balanced and inspired.

Technical Skills

My core strengths are centered around UX Strategy and Prototyping. I excel in shaping comprehensive user experience strategies and rapidly translating insights into actionable prototypes. This expertise is supported by my broad skills in User Research, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Visual Design, and Usability Testing, along with continuous advancements in UX Writing and UI Coding.

I am versatile across diverse platforms including mobile, web, and desktop applications, in both B2B and B2C contexts. My career across different sectors enables me to swiftly adapt to new domains and tackle design challenges under constraints such as tight deadlines and limited resources. This radar chart reflects my current capabilities and my dedication to delivering user-centric solutions that resonate across varied professional settings.

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