Hi, I'm Ulka
Product Designer

Passionate about humanizing technology by designing impact driven user experiences at the intersection of user needs, technical feasibility, and business needs.

Previously, designed user experiences for OneTrust compliance platform.


SuperWorld AR Real Estate Platform

Re-designed the web based B2C real estate platform of SuperWorld.ajhdajhfjahfjadhfkjdhfhajdhfjadhfjdahfjdh jjfhdjafkdsjf

UX research, UX design, Web  AR Real Estate 

UX research, UX design, Web  AR Real Estate 

Featured Projects

 At VMware, Capstone 2020-21

Enterprise Onboarding Solution For VMware Designers

Spearheaded the development of an enterprise resource planning solution to optimize the onboarding experience for over 60 new designers annually within VMware's global design organization.

UX/UI, Web    Resource Planning   


 At SuperWorld, Internship 2020

Enhanced Crypto Real Estate Sales Platform

Revamped the Virtual Real Estate crypto-based sales platform, resulting in a 10x increase in plot sales.

UX/UI, Web   Crypto     Growth  


 At OneTrust, Full-time 2022-24

Streamlining Compliance Workflows and Empowering Users

Transformed core functionalities, boosting efficiency and user satisfaction. I spearheaded the automated sandbox creation (reduced sync time from months to minutes, redesigned dashboards with reporting enhancements (201% user adoption increase), and implemented a self-service feature management system (saved PMs 380 hrs/yr).

UX/UI, Web/Mobile, SaaS     Compliance Management  


 At LifeQ, Full-time 2021-22

Consumer Mobile App: Enhancing Sleep Solutions

Crafted user experiences for a SaaS-based consumer mobile app aimed to support 1 million users globally, focusing on enhancing the LifeQ Sleep solution.

UX, Mobile/Web, SaaS     HealthTech  


 At Indiana School of Dentistry, Internship 2021

IUSD Business Intelligence(BI) and Data Analytics Platform

Solely designed an information system that provides real-time data to support clinical and financial decision-making at IUSD.

UX/UI, Web     Data Dashboard  

It is my pleasure, as the co-founder, to write her a recommendation. Ulka was our star intern. She showed excellent decision-making capabilities and could clearly express her ideas to the team. She is very professional and detailed oriented. She contributed to redesigning our virtual real estate platform, making a noticeable impact on our project. I am sure she will be an asset to any team she chose to join
Hrish Lotlikar
CEO, SuperWorld
Ulka was, whilst working for Capgemini in the Service of FSA / Opel, very conscientious. Showing a lot of initiative and responsibility in taking on work, understanding it, both from business and IT side, and executing. Never complaining about the level of work, and good on follow-up and understanding of customer needs and priorities. I can only recommend her.
Philip Waring
Programe Manager, PSA/Opel
Besides mastery of all of the technical skills, techniques, and practices of the UX profession, Ulka brings a high degree of empathy for the user, integrity, honesty, and maturity to her teammates, and a rare appreciation and understanding of the critical business elements and interconnections necessary to succeed in the marketplace.
Lou Lenzi
Professor of Practice, SOIC, IUPUI
Ulka was amazing to work with, especially for someone like me that is not tech savvy. She was very patient and explained things very well. Here final delivery of our professional business website was exceptional. Thank you for all your hard work!
Kristi Mitchell
Founder, Launch HOPE Foundation

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