IUSD Business Intelligence(BI) 
and Data Analytics

A business intelligence dashboard that provides real-time data to support clinical and financial decision-making at the IU school of dentistry.

FEB 2021 - MAY 2021(4 MONTHS)



Project Brief

Currently, the faculty and staff at Indiana School of Dentistry face multiple challenges in accessing data to support their clinical and financial decision-making needs. There is a lack of centralized data repository and lack of communication efficiency among different units. As a solution, I designed a real-time data dashboard to serve various users and integrate information across multiple data sources, providing a one-stop shop for all data requests.

My Team

My Contribution

User Research & Survey
Data Analysis
User Personas
Information Architecture
Low-fi & High-fi Designs
Usability Testing

Project Tools

IU Design Guidebook

Team Methodology
Project Constraints
Design Thinking Process
Weekly Meetings
No Data Governance Structure
Only Designer
Use Of Existing Resources
Tight Deadlines

Design Process

Key Findings

Problem Statement
How might we design an one stop solution to serve the data needs of various users and integrate info across multiple platforms?

Design Solution

Strategic Dashboard
Access and monitor all important KPI data in one place with help of intuitive visualizations and reports. Spend less time checking data and creating reports and more time acting on insights.

Potential Business Impacts

Key Learnings

A visualization can become outdated

It's critical to use processes to deliver data-driven refreshes that display new scenarios and the impact of decisions made based on previously illustrated data. For example, we realized sooner that there would be no need for the Covid PPE utilization graph after a few months.

Define the metric in as granular a way as possible

When creating dashboards as information portals, it's critical to consider what the right metric is and how it'll be used to make decisions. The purpose should be to define the measure as precisely as possible, so that the final picture can assist users in making decisions and not take up their time is more computational or thinking work.

IT support is the key

Data scarcity isn't generally an issue for schools and universities. It is, however, not that simple to get information to academic decision-makers. It was important to have a support of a developer during the process to

Keep the visualization simple

Decision-making becomes easy with meaningful data but users can become overwhelmed with the volume of information. It is important to choose between which level of data provided sufficient actionable support versus using a visualization that is drilled down to details.


"I had the pleasure and honor of working with Ulka on a very specific project with a tight completion timeframe within my institution. My team, responsible for creating a multi-user business intelligence platform, was fortunate enough to be able to hire Ulka at the most appropriate time. She is a consummate professional with a broad skills set which she has mastered. She is attentive to the needs, ambitions, questions, concerns and challenges presented to her when taking on a project.

She is creative in problem solving and leaves no detail unaddressed. She took the SWOT analysis, end-user survey results and interview outcomes, homogenized them all and presented her first presentation draft in a very polished manner to the team's delight and satisfaction. She carefully and completely responded to each question during the presentations to create confidence about her abilities and efforts within the team. Ulka ensured that the deliverable our team required was met. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Ulka. She will be an asset in any capacity she chooses to utilize her skills."