MeConnect -
A Peer to Peer Mentoring App

Solely designed a mobile app as part of the Google challenge to help experienced and newly joined students to discover each other.

Personal Project, 7 Days Design Sprint


Design Challenge

Your school wants to strengthen the community by encouraging experienced students to connect with new students and help them adjust to campus life. Design an experience that allows mentors and mentees to discover each other. Consider the needs of both mentors and mentees, including how someone may become a mentor and how to connect mentors to mentees.

My Role

UX Researcher
UX Designer
UI Designer

Project Tools

Google Suite
Sticky Notes

Project Constraints
Double Diamond
Stakeholder meetings

7 days to final deliverable
Only Designer
No Dedicated Engineers & PMs
No Dedicated Stakeholders

Design Process

Key Findings

Design Solution

Chat Feature
Rooms For Group Meetings
Find Mentorship Resources
Once the request is accepted, mentors & mentees can chat with each other. Mentors have an additional feature to create discussion rooms for multiple mentees. Mentees have access to resources and community.

Key Learnings

Don't be afraid of rebuilding it

It is important not to get too caught up in trying to be unique. Learn how others have dealt with the same problem in various situations. Examine them and come up with your solution. Some of those ideas may or may not make it into your final prototype, but it's a great way to get your mind going.

Don't Stop, Keep Iterating

A Design Sprint produces a starting point rather than a finished product. The goal of a Design Sprint is to get feedback on three or four possible solutions rather than to arrive at a perfect solution in one week. So, it is necessary that the prototype gets tested with real users and requires more rounds of iterations.

Less time doesn’t mean poor solutions

If the 7 days design challenge is timed and managed properly, it can result in a good outcome. It can be overwhelming at first. But, in the end, not thinking about the details can help in achieving the goals much more quickly.