ONETRUST / MARCH 2022 - MAY 2024

Streamlining Compliance Workflows and Empowering Users




OneTrust leads the way in global trust and privacy technology, providing organizations with the tools they need to navigate complex regulatory environments. As a UX Designer at OneTrust, I played a pivotal role in shaping user experiences across their core platform services and modules. My approach to design revolves around putting users at the center of the process, leveraging research, strategy, and collaboration to develop intuitive interfaces that streamline workflows and elevate user satisfaction.

Working as a full-stack designer within sprint-based agile cross-functional teams, I've been involved in every stage of the process, from conceptualization to implementation. This collaborative approach ensures that our solutions not only meet user needs but also align with business objectives. The projects showcased below exemplify my commitment to user-centered design principles, resulting in solutions that not only enhance the user experience but also deliver tangible business benefits, such as automating tasks and optimizing administrative efficiency.

My Role

UX/UI Designer
(Leading end-to-end process)

Project Tools

User Zoom

Team Methodology
Project Constraints
Agile (3 Weeks Sprint)
Weekly Meetings with PM, Developer, Content Writer
Limited Access to Users
Rapid Changes
Remote Collaboration
Tight Deadlines
OneTrust Design System

Design Activities

Work Projects

OneTrust Core Platform
Automated Sandbox Creation & Management(0-1): Owned the UX design for the core platform service, reducing synchronization time from months to minutes, saving 72 hours per week. Achieved a 60% adoption rate for 300+ clients through agile development and cross-functional collaboration.

Self-Service Feature Management System(0-1): Designed and implemented a system giving customers control over feature previews, saving product managers 380 hours annually. Reduced preview request turnaround time from 83 hours to less than a day. Conducted iterative design validation, usability testing, and ensured accessibility compliance.
OT Insights Dashboards & Reporting
UX Research & Strategy: Led UX research and strategy to gather valuable customer feedback and identify key pain points, informing strategic improvements. Shaped a higher-level UX roadmap for the Insights platform, prioritizing features to empower over 300 clients. Increased user adoption by 201.20% and satisfaction to 3.3/5.

New Dashboards: Redesigned dashboards across four modules for Q3, leveraging new UX guidelines. Ensured consistency and enhanced user experience through a user-centered approach focused on intuitiveness and efficiency. Incorporated continuous user feedback to refine UX guidelines and update the dashboard design system for long-term consistency and usability improvements.
Environmental, Sustainability and Governance
I led strategic UX improvements to the ESG module, focusing on critical areas like metric approval flows, metric aggregation, object deletion, dynamic metric collection, and dashboard design.
Disclosures & Incident Management
In Disclosure Management, I introduced UI enhancements to guarantee clear and transparent updates regarding employee disclosures and profile details.

Within Incident Management, I led crafting new navigation systems and dashboards in alignment with the updated workspace concept, effectively enhancing the user experience. Furthermore, I assisted in refining various UI issues to meet user requirements, improve functionality and development of new components.

Key Learnings

Diving Deeper: The Value of Domain Expertise

Early on, I realized the limitations of working without a strong grasp of the subject matter. This led to missed opportunities to provide truly insightful recommendations. To bridge this gap, I actively sought out learning opportunities through workshops, collaborating with experts, and staying updated on industry trends. This newfound depth of knowledge has been instrumental in making smarter decisions and delivering greater value in subsequent projects.

Power of Upfront Research: Avoiding Scope Creep

Another valuable lesson came from the pitfall of rushing into projects without thorough requirements gathering. This often resulted in projects ballooning in complexity and exceeding their intended scope.  I learned the importance of upfront research, employing clear interview questions, user experience mapping, and collaborating with the team to establish well-defined goals from the start. This proactive approach has helped me prevent similar issues in new projects, ensuring efficient execution and focused deliverables


John Langford,
UX Director at OneTrust

"Ulka is an exceptional product designer who brings a unique blend of thoughtfulness, initiative, and organizational skills to every project she undertakes. She’s adept at designing and executing research studies that help build a deep understanding of user needs and business objectives, ultimately allowing her to create designs that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional and impactful. Her keen eye for detail and dedication to delivering top-notch work have made her a valuable asset to my team.

One of Ulka's standout qualities is her natural self-starter mindset. She can be relied upon to identify the highest priority tasks and take proactive action to address them. Her initiative and drive significantly contribute to the success of projects, ensuring that deadlines are met and objectives are achieved.

Ulka's organizational skills are also noteworthy. She’s highly skilled at sharing her work and ideas in a clear and concise manner, making collaboration with her seamless and productive. Her ability to communicate complex concepts effectively is a testament to her expertise and professionalism.

Above all, Ulka is a level-headed professional who approaches challenges with a calm and positive demeanor. Her collaborative nature and strong work ethic make her a pleasure to work with, and I have no doubt that she will make significant contributions wherever she goes."