Superworld's Enhanced Crypto Real Estate Sales Platform




Project Brief

SuperWorld is a virtual world where users can buy, sell, collect, and curate over 64 billion unique virtual land plots using cryptocurrency. Although SuperWorld saw many visitors, its conversion rate of users signing in to purchase the land was low. We identified the issues and re-designed the platform to improve it's user experience, leading to an increased sales by 30% per week.

My Team

My Contribution

User research & Synthesis
Persona & Journey Map
Sketching Wireframes
Rapid Prototyping
Usability Testing & Iterations
Create Style Guide

Project Tools

Adobe XD
Adobe Illustrator

Team Methodology
Project Constraints
SCRUM framework
2 Sprints
Daily Stand-up
Retro Meetings
Low Budget
ight Deadlines
Designing for Blockchain
Remote Collaboration

Design Process

Key Findings

Problem Statement
How might we improve the user experience of the SuperWorld Real Estate platform to increase sales and user engagement?

Design Solution

Business Impact


Increase in the sales/Week

1 M +

In Sale In 8 Months       


Increase in Users/Week

Key Learnings

Designing at the Speed of a Startup

This was my first time designing for a fast-paced start-up. I learned to challenge my self to design in less time, communicate frequently with the partners and not to spend a lot of time into achieving perfect designs.

Involve engineers and PMs in the process

I learned that collaboration with others is a fantastic source of inspiration and criticism, and other collaborators are a vital source of support during reviews, helping to justify the design decisions.

• • •


Hrish Lotlikar,
CEO, SuperWorld

"Ulka has been interning with us at SuperWorld for Summer 2020 as a UX/UI Designer. It is my pleasure, as the co-founder, to write her a recommendation. Ulka was our star intern. She showed excellent decision-making capabilities and could clearly express her ideas to the team. She is very professional and detailed oriented. She contributed to redesigning our virtual real estate platform, making a noticeable impact on our project. She worked hard to improve her skills with research and design. I am sure she will be an asset to any team she chose to join."