CAPSTONE / SEP 2020 - MAY 2021(10 MONTHS)

Enterprise Onboarding Solution for VMware Designers

A digital resource planning solution for the engaging and efficient onboarding experience of 60+ new designers that join the VMware Design Org every year across the globe.



Project Brief

Currently designers at VMware are provided with an overwhelming amount of information during the first month of joining the company. Different product teams have different onboarding content and processes in place. Designers get different types on onboarding and don't know what is enough for each aspect of the onboarding. As a solution we created an enterprise resource planning solution for the engaging and efficient onboarding experience of 60+ new designers that join the VMware design org every year.

My Team

My Contribution

User Research & Synthesis
Competitive Analysis
Persona & Journey Map
Information Architecture
Low-fi & High-fi Designs
Usability Testing & Iterations
Project Management

Project Tools

Adobe Photoshop
Clarity Design System

Team Methodology
Project Constraints
Waterfall + Agile(Tailored -
Design Process)
Weekly Client Meetings
Weekly Team Stand-ups
No dedicated Engineers or PMs
Remote Collaboration
Solution Has To Be Easy To Build & Maintain

Design Process

Problem Statement
How might we design a digital solution for the new designers' efficient and engaging onboarding experience at VMware Design Organization?

Key Findings

Design Solution

Team Welcome
A new hire receives a personalized onboarding experience with welcome messages from key people on the team and an introduction to their assigned design buddy.
Onboarding Center
The onboarding center allows new hire to find assigned tasks and update their progress on onboarding activities.
View Full Onboarding Plan
It provides full details of the onboarding plan to new hires with descriptions for task categories, the ability to filter tasks, and view tasks in the Gantt timeline.
Role & Team Information
The Role & Team screen presents information that a new hire needs to know about their role and assigned team.
People to Meet List
Users are educated with the three different wallet connection choices and how to connect with each of them on external platforms.
Knowledge Hub
It brings together the most used tools in organization and essential onboarding resources for a new hire in one place.
Onboarding Center
A place to access and track everything related to the onboarding like assigning onboarding plan for a new hire, tracking progress, creating a repository of materials for reuse, and organizing knowledge content.
Creating Categories repository
Task categories can be created irrespective of the onboarding plan. After creating a category with appropriate tasks, it can be added when creating a new plan for the new hire.
Creating Onboarding Journey
The onboarding journey is the complete package of things that the new hire receives when they join the team and start using the portal. Once all the information is added to a plan, it is filled automatically from the next time.
Creating Onboarding Plan
This is an integral part of the onboarding journey. The manager has the option to create a plan from the default template and add/insert categories from the repository or use a previously created plan (if any).
Tracking Onboarding Progress
After assigning the onboarding journey, the manager can track the new hire’s progress. Manager can view various trackable metrics like tasks completed, overdue tasks, onboarding progress, people met, etc.
Exploring Insights from Dashboard
DesignOps manager’s and the administrator’s dashboard consists of multiple insights in one place. This gives them the flexibility to understand how the onboarding is functioning.
Exploring Insights from Reports
The screen provides insights through reports, and the design ops managers can get a detailed breakdown of how the onboarding is progressing among different individuals, teams.
Admins & Collaborators
One of the crucial interactions between admin and design ops managers is to provide access/permissions to the master onboarding template. For this, Admins can add/manage others, while design ops managers can view the list of all fellow collaborators.
Creating an Onboarding plan
Admins and DesignOps Managers (Collaborators) can create, edit and update the categories and related tasks. However, the Admin alone has access to publish the master onboarding template.

Potential Business Impacts

Key Learnings

Design System makes product teams efficient

It was the first time that I used VMware's design system to help inform my UX decisions. I discovered that design systems not only speeds up your job by making the product team more efficient, but also provides uniformity and harmony within the product and brand ecosystem.

Test low-fi prototype early with real users

From our low-fidelity prototype usability testing with real users, we got some unexpected perspectives that highlighted a needs or conceptual flaws, leading the product in a new direction at a point where there was still flexibility to make changes.

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Chit Meng Cheong
Product Design Manager,

"I worked with Ulka during her capstone project as the client and mentor. She has shown great leadership and organization skills during the time frame. She worked as a project manager as well as a product designer on this initiative. She enabled the team to understand the user's needs by leveraging qualitative and quantitative data from research so the team could make data-informed decisions. Besides, she also led the research, design, and testing sections of the project. I am impressed with her ability to execute and organize. She has made a great contribution to the success of the project."